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2017 Election
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How are health and care issues shaping the political landscape as we head towards the 2017 general election?

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may 2017

Paul Nuttall

UKIP manifesto pledges to ‘defend our National Health Service’

25 May 2017

The United Kingdom Independence Party launches its manifesto including commitments to increase NHS England’s budget by £9 billion a year by 2021/22, increase staff numbers through funding additional training places, and ‘create the equivalent of a General Medical Council’ for NHS managers.

On social care, UKIP plans to increase funding by up to £2 billion a year and integrate social care with the NHS. A new Department for Health and Care would oversee the system.   

The party also commits to allowing only British citizens and foreign nationals who have paid UK taxes for five consecutive years to access non-urgent NHS care. People not meeting either criteria would be required to take out medical insurance.